Colorado Stormchaser, Eric Treece

Eric Treece is a professional storm chaser and videographer with over ten years of experience capturing extreme weather.  Eric's photography and videos have been featured on numerous national  news braodcasts, including; the Weather Channel, CNN, Fox News, and more.  Much of Eric's weather expertise comes from his experience as a Great Lakes Ship Master, at the helm of the S.S. Wilfred Sykes, where weather is just as unpredictable on the water as it is on the plains.


During the shipping season, Eric is able to capture strikingly unique images of the ship, extreme lake weather, wildlife, and amazing landscapes.  Not only are his images and video popular with media outlets, they're also highly desired by personal collectors and weather enthusiasts.  In 2010, Eric released a full length video capturing a decade of chase seasons entitled, "Unleashed Fury".  When he's not chasing or sailing, Eric enjoys collaborating with fellow storm chasers and watching his favorite team, the Denver Broncos.

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